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If you are already in the Keratin Treatment business, you know the tremendous advantages these services offer some of your clients. If you are not in the keratin treatment business, you are probably looking for the right start.

In either case, you have to ask yourself the question, “How can I make this service more available, affordable and appealing to more of my clients?” To answer this question, you only have to look at 2 factors, time and money.

It takes up to 3 hours or more to perform many keratin treatments; limiting the number of clients you are able to care for in a day and making them very labor-intensive services. For your clients, it costs up to $300 and more for these services. Certainly a great source of revenue, but how many of your clients have the ability and willingness to pay for such an expensive service?

The typical keratin treatment focuses on curly, frizzy, unruly hair. What percentage of your clients fall into this category? What about everyone else who could benefit from less frizz, more shine, control and strength and faster drying and styling? What about clients who want the option to wear hair curly after one of these treatments?

Introducing Keratin Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Keratin Express is to the keratin treatment business what semi-permanent color is to the permanent color industry. It makes the category more available to the majority of your clientele, and provides an introduction to a service many clients weren’t sure about.

This allows your clients to “dip their toe in the water” of the category at a lesser cost, in less time and with less of a commitment. Keratin Express is almost like a “mini” treatment, in that it offers the same beautiful hair with a 20 minute processing time, and at significantly less cost than conventional treatments.

If you are already selling a keratin treatment, Keratin Express can only help open up this category to a significantly larger group of clients. If you are seeking the right entry into this very lucrative category, Keratin Express can be your answer. Either way, you need Keratin Express!

Keratin Express Keratin Smoothing treatment contains <.5% Glutaral. Keratin Express Extra Keratin Smoothing Treatment contains 1% formaldehyde. Keratin Express Blonde Formula contains no aldehydes. All Keratin Express formulas are OSHA compliant and any vapor generated during treatment is below Federal OSHA Action Levels and Exposure Limits. Consult product MSDS for more detailed information.

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