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About Keratin Express

Keratin Express is truly a hair care treatment company. Our company is always researching and coming up with real world solutions to solve the complexities of the hair.

Our products are for clients that need real results not just hope in a bottle. If you are a person who has perfectly healthy, virgin-like hair and receives all the results they need from basic hair care, then the reality is, you don't need us. But if you are like the majority, and are faced with serious hair issues, we know we are the solution.

Again, we are not hope in a bottle. We provide real results for real hair problems.

The reason we are able to consistently provide breakthroughs in hair care comes from our distinguish chemist Dr. DiSalvo.

Founder of Integrated Research, Dr. DiSalvo understands hair care better than anyone. With over 42 years of research and development, Mr. Disalvo is the leading expert in hair care treatments. He was the Vice President of RD for RedKen laboratories in the 70s. He is also on the board of many chemical and natural ingredient companies, as well as, a medical and scientific advisory board.  He has authored 92 articles and has written, coauthored and/or contributed to the writing of 31 technical books, including The Chemistry & Manufacture of Cosmetics, which is considered to be the bible of the personal care industry. He spent 10 years at UCLA teaching cosmetic science and has lectured all over the world. He is a Charter Chemist, Charted Scientist, a fellow of the Royal Society of Cosmetic Chemistry, an Emeritus Member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemist and holds memberships in the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientist, The Royal Institution of Great Britain,  the Association of Formulating Chemists, The American Academy of Science, The New York Academy of Science, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. And if that's not enough, he holds 2 patents and has created over 25,000 products in his career. But that is not the most impressive thing - he was just voted the number 1 formulating chemist in the world. Why do we share all this?  We are not trying to impress you, but impress upon you, that if you are looking for real results, Dr. DiSalvo has delivered the worlds best treatments for Keratin Express.

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