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Enhance by Keratin Express does what the name implies; this additive supports and enhances hair color in so many ways. It is truly simple science. When you build the inner structure of the hair back to a healthy state everything else is enhanced. Hair color is designed to deposit color, not to reconstruct the hair. Although many color companies say their color leaves the hair in better condition, and some do, but not to the level that Enhance does. Our total focus is to rebuild the hair while your color is doing its work. Think of it like this: Enhance is a reconstructive conditioning additive designed specifically to enhance all hair color. When you rebuild the dissolved covalent bonds and strengthen the amino acid chain, everything else will work at optimal levels.

Enhance will leave your hair in better condition than before you started. Don’t take our word for it; try it today and see for yourself how amazing this product really is for your hair.

Directions for use:

For 1 ounce of color, add ½ ounce of Enhance.

For 2 ounces of color, add ¾ ounce of Enhance.

For 3 ounces of color, add 1 ounce of Enhance.

Enhance by Keratin Express is fully compatible with all professional color systems!


Enhance Benefits

  • Enhances the depth and richness of hair color.
  • Helps to even out porosity.
  • Enhances shine.
  • Enhances moisture.
  • Helps to reduce developer cost.
  • Repairs damaged hair of any type, guaranteed.
  • Works with all hair color.