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Bond Express

Bond Express this unique product helps take the fear out of your bleach and highlighting services. We all know the damaging effects bleach causes on hair no matter how good your techniques maybe. It is important not to forget that hair is a walking billboard you want everyone in town talking about how beautiful and healthy your client’s hair looks after their highlighting services with Bond Express.

Always remember Bleach is a dehydrator and breaks the disulfide and covalent bonds of the hair that’s the ugly truth! No matter how careful you are the hair is getting damaged Period; but times are changing and the right technology is here.

Bond Express is on the spot to undo the damage and rebuild the broken disulfide and covalent bonds that bleach destroys. Bond Express will leave the hair in better condition than before you started. Don’t take our word for it try it today and watch how amazing this product really is for your hair.


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Bond Express Benefits

  • Helps prevent damage caused by all bleach.
  • Protects the hair from breakage during highlighting.
  • Enhances your creative abilities.
  • Creates healthy, shinny highlights.
  • Works great to enhance the depth and vibrancy of hair color.